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Liskeard Fore St, PL14 3JA

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Wet Cut From £23.00 - £25.00
Cut & Power Dry From £27.00 - £29.00
Cut & Blow Dry From £29.00 - £31.00
Re-style Cut & Blow Dry From £33.00- £35.00
Gents cut From £14.00
Shampoo & Set From £15.00- £16.00
Blow Dry From £15.00- £16.00
Hair Up From £28.00

Colour services

Re- touch tint From £32.00
Full-head tint From £40.00
Semi permanent From £32.00
Parting Foils From £36.00
Parting Foils & root blend From £46.00
T-section foils From £40.00
T-section foils & root blend From £50.00
Half head foils From £45.00
Half-head foils root blend From £55.00
Full-head foils From £56.00
Full head foils & root blend From 67.00
Toner after colour From £10.00
Toner refresh From £20.00
Colour correction Quotation
Balayage Quotation

Colours do not include a cut or blow-dry.

An additional charge will be added for long or thick hair

All new clients must have a skin test 48 hours prior to any colour service.

We do charge more for senior stylists/ directors

We do have an additional price list for our junior stylists which we offer discounted prices.



Perm Wave Cut & Blow Dry £68.00
Perm Wave & Blow Dry £54.00

Bridal hair in salon

Bridal hair £50.00
Bridesmaid hair £40.00
Blow drys From 25.00
Bridesmaid under 16 £30.00
Flower girl under 5 £10.00
Hair up £40.00

We do offer an out of salon service for wedding parties please email Becky at for a price list.

Bond fushion

Innoluxe is a revolutionary, in salon system that seeks out and helps to permanently rebuild, damaged disulphides bonds within the hair. Those very same bonds that give elasticity and strength. These bonds do break during chemical processes, and also with the use of heated tools.
Innoluxe upgrade £10.00
Innoluxe & blow dry From 41.00
Innoluxe cut & blow dry From 54.00


Wet Cut & Shampoo £14.00


Girls Wet Cut 1-5 From £10.00
Girls Wet Cut 5-10 From £12.00
Girls Wet Cut under 15 From £18.00
Girls Cut & Blowdry under 15 From £23.00
Boys Wet Cut under 5 From £10.00
Boys wet cut under 15 From 12.00

Senior Citizens Discount

We offer discount of 10% to anyone over the age of 65 this applies Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday’s with selected stylists only.


Please give us at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment.