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Covid 19 Saftey Procedures

We have been working hard putting safety procedures in place in the salon to prevent the spread Covid 19. We are asking everyone to follow these steps to ensure a happy safe working environment for ourselves and our clients. We are checking the guidelines regularly as they are changing on a weekly basis.

  • Safety check ins 

On entry we will be making sure that all clients are symptom free and haven’t been caring for anyone that has been sick in the past 14days. If you have any symptoms you will not be allowed into the salon.
Stylists will also have checks on arrival each day.
If you need to cancel your appointment due to sick ness you will not be charged a cancellation fee and we will re schedule you as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • Sanitizing together

We will ask you to sanitize your hands on arrival, we also ask you to sanitize your hands before pay at reception.
If you need to sneeze or cough please do this into a tissues and dispose of it straight away, then sanitize your hands. Please try not to touch your face, eyes or mouth whilst in the salon.

  • Keep a safe distance

We will maintain a 2 metre distance between all stations. We have a screen at reception to protect people when paying and making appointments and also at the wash basins. Stay in your seat at all times until your stylists says it is safe to move.
Please be mindful of other clients and stylists in the salon.

  • Please wear a mask

All clients are required to wear a mask on entry to the salon. You can bring your own or we will provide them at a cost of £2 which will be added to your bill. Stylist will be wearing a face shield and a mask.

  • Waiting room is temporary closed

Limiting crowed places makes everyone safer. Please wait outside practicing social distancing until your stylist is ready for you, alternatively you could wait in your car.

  • Clients only

Please come to your appointment alone, do not bring friends, family or children.

  • Limited Numbers 

We are limiting the number of people and clients we are having in the salon, your stylist will be working on you until you leave the salon you will not have contact with anyone else.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing standards

All stations, tools and products are being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between every service.
We are using disposable gowns, towels and gloves and we will be wearing disposable aprons.

  • Payments

We are asking people to use contactless payments were possible, but we are now accepting cash. We will have tins for each stylists with their name on that you can put a tip in if you wish. We are calling to take payment for color services over the phone if possible to prevent cueing at reception.

  • Appointments

We will not be accepting walk ins or new clients at this time, all appointments must be pre booked over the phone. If you are late to your appointment you will be turned away and charged for this time.

  • Magazines and refreshments

We will not be offering any refreshments or magazines at this time to prevent the spread of Covid 19, you are welcome to bring your own magazines or a book and bottled water if you wish.

  • Personal possessions

We ask that you do not bring a lot of personal possessions into the salon, such as shopping, coats etc.
if the weather is bad and you need a coat or umbrellas please ensure you bring a bag to put your things into and keep them with you.

  • Reminder phone calls 

We do remind client’s of their appointments 48 hours before,  please don’t not relay on this to remember as sometimes phone signal is poor or someone may get missed. It is your responsibility to remember your own appointment so please write it down or put a reminder in your phone.  If you miss your appointment we will be taking full payment upfront for your next appointment booked.

  • Children’s cuts 

We are now booking in children that can sit independently whilst having their hair cut. We will ask they only come in with one adult and are asking that person to sit in an allocated seat whilst waiting so we can still follow the social distancing guidelines. We have had to increase our prices for this service as we are booking out more time so please see our price list.

Thankyou for your understanding and corporation. We look forward to welcoming you back.

Becky and Dave




Procedures for going out to wedding venue


  • Safety checks

If any of our stylists have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with any symptoms we will have to cancel your appointment. Also if any of your bridal party have had symptoms or have been in contact with any one that has had any symptoms we will also have to cancel us coming out to the venue. We ask that you let us know ASAP if this is the case.


  • PPE

We will be wearing a face shield and a mask whilst we are working on your hair, we ask that all your party wear masks whilst they are having their hair done, we can provide them at a charge of £2.


  • Social distancing

We are asking anyone not having their hair done to please stick to the social distancing guidelines of 2m around our stylists, and we will do the same. If there are children please make them aware of this too. We will need to have an allocated room to style your hair and ask that only the people having their hair done come into the room and everyone else waits in an alternative room until called. We are happy to share this room with a makeup artist if necessary.


  • Disinfecting 

We will be disinfecting all our equipment in-between each person having their hair styled.


  • Sanitizing 

We will be sanitizing our hands on arrival to the venue and we will ask you to sanitize yours before we start on your hair.


If you have any questions please email Becky at


Thankyou for your understanding and cooperation.


Please see our Covid-19 Safety Procedures